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Physical Education

At Evergreen Charter School, the goal of Physical Education (PE) is to develop physically literate individuals who have the skills, knowledge, confidence, and desire to stay physically active for life. All lessons are driven by New York & National PE Standards and are designed to ensure the success of every child. Depending on their grade level, students attend PE 2-3 days per week for 45 minute periods. Click on the following links to learn more about Physical Education Standards and Grade-Span Learning Indicators. 

National PE Standards and Grade-Span Learning Indicators

NYS Physical Education Learning Standards


Physical Education Coordinator: Mr. Levitan
Athletic Director: Mr. Olson 

Elementary Curriculum (Grades K-5)
Foundational skills, knowledge, and values.

Students are provided with movement and exploratory experiences that help develop foundational skills that are necessary for formal activities and sports. Students are exposed to basic fitness concepts which are reinforced throughout the school year. These concepts are used to help students understand, improve, and/or maintain their level of wellbeing. The entire curriculum includes opportunities for students to work on social responsibility, character development, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), and personal management. Students also participate in non-traditional activities that foster cooperation, teamwork, and self-confidence. Examples of these activities are Circus Arts, Sport Stacking, and Cooperative Games and Activities. 

Elementary School Teachers:
Mr. Levitan
Ms. Siebold

Middle School Curriculum (Grades 6-8)
Application of skills, knowledge, and values

Students continue to develop and apply cognitive concepts, motor skills, and fitness concepts. These concepts and skills are presented through modified formal sports/games, non-traditional activities, and wellness. The curriculum supports higher level thinking, problem solving, and SEL.  
Units Covered:

  • Modified Formal Sports/Games: Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Ultimate Frisbee, Badminton, PickleBall, Floor Hockey, Team Handball
  • Non-Traditional Activities: Cooperative Games, Sports Stacking, Circus Arts, Backyard Games
    • Fitness Testing

    Middle School Teacher: Mr. Hettinger
    Teacher Assistant: Mr. Olson


    High School Curriculum (Grades 9-12)
    Lifetime activities skills, knowledge, and values

    Students will engage in a variety of team sports/activities such as American Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Bowling, Badminton, Team Handball, and Ultimate Frisbee. Students will also get the opportunity to participate in lifetime/non-traditional activities such as Kickball/Matball/Batball, tag games, communication games, and various backyard games. Fitness testing will be administered twice a year for students to see improvements and/or have a better understanding of their own wellbeing. 


    Health Education

    Health education will provide students with critical knowledge during a very important time of their lives. Students will learn about various health skills that are aligned with the National Health Standards. These skills will be practiced and learned so students can have the opportunity to apply them to help reduce health risks and promote wellness.

    Units Covered:

    • Nutrition
    • Tobacco
    • Alcohol
    • Illegal Drugs
    • Communicable Diseases
    • STD’s/HIV + AIDS
    • Personal Health Care
    • Understanding Health and Wellness
    • Skills for Healthy Relationships

     Students receive a comprehensive health education which includes lessons on social and emotional health, character education, body awareness, substance abuse, violence prevention, fitness and nutrition. The health education program taught at Evergreen Charter School contributes to a lifetime of good habits and behaviors that will assist in the prevention of poor choices.


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