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Physical Education and Health Program

At Evergreen Charter School, students learn that health, fitness, and physical exercise are necessary and intertwined – all vital aspects of healthy living. Students are involved in physical activities that focus on the development of motor and manipulative skills. Physical education involves whole class skill instruction, team-building games and basic sports. Physical fitness, sportsmanship, and safety will be essential components across all grades.

The Physical Education and Health & Fitness (PE & HF) program at Evergreen Charter School is child centered. Children attend PE & HF three days a week for 45 minute periods.

In every unit of study, the program focuses on motor, cognitive, emotional and social development of each child. As children develop and mature at various rates, units are designed in a modified and adaptive way to meet the needs of each individual student.

In addition, traditional sports are taught throughout the year and include: soccer, football, volleyball, cooperative games, fitness, basketball, hockey, softball and track & field. Students are also provided with frequent opportunities to recognize the benefits of engaging in regular physical activity and to see physical activity as a means of enjoyment, challenge, self- expression, and communication. Emphasis is placed on the development of positive behaviors and attitudes that will impact physical well-being, as well as social and emotional wellness. Students are encouraged to reach personal and collaborative goals and to maintain positive relationships.

Goal of Physical Education at Evergreen

The goal of physical education (PE) is to develop physically literate individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity. To pursue a lifetime of healthful physical activity, a physically literate individual.

Elementary School PE: focus on foundational skills, knowledge & values.

Middle School PE: focuson on application of skills, knowledge & values.

High School PE: focus on lifetime-activities skills, knowledge & values.

Click here to learn about PE National Standards and Grade Level Outcomes that we use as a guideline to create our curriculums.


Standard 1: The physically literate individual demonstrates competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns.

Standard 2: The physically literate individual applies knowledge of concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics related to movement and performance.

Standard 3: The physically literate individual demonstrates the knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain a health enhancing level of physical activity and fitness.

Standard 4: The physically literate individual exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others.

Standard 5: The physically literate individual recognizes the value of physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and/or social interaction.

Grades 4 – 5

The 4-5 grade physical education curriculum focuses on rules, understanding directions, playing in a safe manner, sportsmanship, flexibility, muscular endurance, upper body strength, cooperation & teamwork. Motor development is emphasized at all levels. Teachers will choose a variety of activities for their students that will give them a well- rounded / diverse physical education experience.

Grades 6 – 8

The 6-8 grade physical education curriculum focuses on safety, sportsmanship, physical fitness, expanding on basic knowledge of basic sports, and development of strategy both offensively and defensively. Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders will be scheduled as a group, for alternating days of physical education with 43-minute classes. Teachers will choose a variety of activities for their students that will give them a well-rounded/diverse physical education experience.

Grades 8 – 9

The Evergreen Charter school health program offers students in grades seven and eight a curriculum designed to educate and promote health awareness. At the middle school level, students will receive a comprehensive health education which includes lessons on social and emotional health, character education, body awareness, substance abuse, violence prevention, fitness and nutrition. The health education program taught at Evergreen Charter school contributes to a lifetime of good habits and behaviors that will assist in the prevention of poor choices.


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