Music Program


Building Imagination and Intellectual Curiosity

Evergreen Charter School Music Program is comprehensive and fun. From K -8 grade, students have the opportunity to play an instrument, starting with the Recorder in Kindergarten and first grade. In second grade, students are introduced to the Violin and the following year, students have the opportunity to select from several other instruments including the Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass from third to eighth grade.

Evergreen Charter School is also proud to have an Elementary School Chamber Orchestra comprised of the most talented musicians of the school.

Our music department has many celebrations throughout the year; such as the Holiday Show, Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, Spring Concert and Graduations, as well as our annual field trip to Lincoln Center.

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Singing together. Making Beautiful Music

Research shows that children who sing in choruses, have academic sucess and valuale life skills. Therefore, at Evergreen Charter School believes that choral singing is a thriving form of artistic expression. We also provide students an opportunity to sing in our chorus, and practice the choral singer skills. 


Piano – Percusssion and Keyboard Instruments

  • In each class, students rehears and reinforce new concepts by creative vocal and instrumental patterns and pieces.
  • Students work on rhythm alternating hands, using marked keys on the keyboard.