Learning music early in life can lead to lifelong benefits for students. That is why music has a crucial role in Evergreen’s curriculum. In our music program, students develop listening, intonation, and rhythmic skills through singing, percussion and piano playing.


Elementary to Middle School level, students learn about sound quality, instruments, rhythm reading, piano theory, and vocal techniques. Students are introduced to music using their hands, Elementary percussion instruments and the recorder as the instrument of choice.

Grade 2: Students are introduced to the string family of instruments (Violin, Viola and Cello).

Grades 3 – 4: Students music class is guided to develop orchestra setting skills. (Playing string instruments in a large ensemble).

Our Holiday and Spring Concerts allow students to experience the excitement and commitment of the live performance in a multicultural setting.

Grades 4 – 8: Students become members of the Evergreen Charter School String Orchestra consisting of 80 + students.

Grades 5 – 9: Students are allowed to select their instrument of choice in which they are selected to become a member of the advanced Evergreen Charter School Chamber Orchestra.

GRADES 8 – 9

High School level, the Music Appreciation class illustrates students about different musical expressions in a social and historical context. The musical encounter at Evergreen is a rich and engaging experience for all students at all levels.

Chorus Classes

Research shows that children who sing in choruses, have academic success and valuable life skills. Therefore, at Evergreen Charter School believes that choral singing is a thriving form of artistic expression. We also provide students an opportunity to sing in our chorus, and practice the choral singer skills.

Piano, Percussion, and Keyboard Instruments

In each class, students rehears and reinforce new concepts by creative vocal and instrumental patterns and pieces. Students work on rhythm alternating hands, using marked keys on the keyboard.


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