Our 5th grade class selected to be reporters for Kidsday!

Ms. Laspisa’s 5th grade class was selected to be reporters for Kidsday; a student version produced by Newsday. Students met with the Kidsday Editor and the kids were very excited to complete this project!

Students worked on the articles various times of the day.  They also received received shirts, hats, and press passes and look extremely professional!

Many of our articles were about Evergreen and what we have to offer here.

Below you’ll find articles and great photos of this amazing opportunity for our ECS students.

Empire State Fair with a flair

Kidsday reporters Basti Gonsalez, left, Stacey Romero, Richard Henriquez, second row, left, and Jayden Serrano on the Music Express at the Empire State Fair at Nassau Coliseum.
Credit: Marykate LaSpisa

'Malibu Rescue' star Breanna Yde talks with Long Island kids

Actress Breanna Yde with Kidsday reporters Alexis Tejada, left, Luz Cabrera, Daisy Gonzalez, and
Joshua Membreno in Manhattan. Photo Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly


An uplifting visit by ex-football players

Kidsday reporters being picked up by football players Clarence Lee, left, Germard Reed and Keith Davis. Photo Credit: Mary Kate LaSpisa

Chef Josh's recipe for success

Kidsday reporters Robinson Barralaga, Luz Cabrera and Daisy Gonzalez with school chef Josh Poveda. Photo Credit: Mary Kate LaSpisa

Getting started in gymnastics

Kidsday reporters Ferguie Guardado, left, and Jaylie Polanco, at Gold Medal Gymnastics Center Photo Credit: Mary Kate LaSpisa

Why BotBot collections are so hot-hot

Kidsday reporters Jonathan Vasquez, left, Bryden Padilla, Robinson Barralaga and Jayden Serrano with the BotBots. Photo Credit: Mary Kate LaSpisa

Review: Mini-games are small wonders

Kidsday reporters Jahdriel Licona, left, Richard Henriquez Duarte, Steven Villanueva and Ashley Lemus with mini-toys. Photo Credit: Mary Kate LaSpisa

Our teachers give special recognition to great students

Evergreen Charter School staff members pose after a school skit Photo Credit: Mary Kate LaSpisa


Art club draws on your creativity

Art club teacher Taylor Forster with Kidsday reporter Jefferson Zamora-Martinez. Photo Credit: Mary Kate LaSpisa

Can you survive without tech for a day?

By Daisy Gonzalez, Jahdriel Licona, Stacey Romero and Alexis Tejada

Helping my uncle at the golf course

By Helmer Ventura, Kidsday Reporter

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Luz Cabrera

We're just here for the pie

Kidsday reporters Basti Gonsalez, left, and Jaylie Polanco eating pie. Photo Credit: Mary Kate LaSpisa

Prodigy? A math game that adds up to fun

Kidsday reporter Kervin Tima playing Prodigy. Photo Credit: Mary Kate LaSpisa

Poll: New phone vs. game system

By Robinson Barralaga, Basti Gonsalez and Wilson Quintanilla

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Joseph Malossi, Sayville

How staying fit can be fun

By Bryden Padilla

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Casey Chung, Wheatley Heights