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Cultivating a culture of college achievement for every student.

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Uniform Policy

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You can also contact Mr. Luis Bocanegra, Ms. Sheyla Y Santana or  Ms. Jeannie Tembra (516)292-2060 or email at admissions@ecsli.org.
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Google Classroom

At Evergreen Charter School, Google Classroom is the main platform used for students (Grades 2-12) to manage all their digital classes and assignments. Combined with the features of students’ school created Gmail accounts, students have access to their classes, assignments, and instructional resources from anywhere that has an internet connection. Google Classroom is an easy and convenient tool for students, parents, and teachers to efficiently manage student progress and provide feedback and communication.

AP Testing Guide for Parents/ Guardians
Hempstead Public Library

Evergreen Charter HS Chamber Orchestra Concert 6/27/23

Greetings Everyone! Please enjoy our end of the year concert that took placed this past Tuesday at the HS location during morning assembly. Our students did an amazing job!!!!! Kuddos to all of them. I’m so proud. Click on the link below to view....

Spanish Awards – High School

The Spanish Department celebrated Spanish Awards at  the High School on Fulton Ave. Congratulations!

HS Students Go to Lincoln Center

On Friday, January 27th, the high school students were very excited to spend the day with Ms. Guzman and the HS teachers at Lincoln Center, where they enjoyed a classical musical performance. Thank you Ms. Guzman and all the teachers and students who attended.

Evergreen’s Holiday Concert Souvenir

At Evergreen's High School, we celebrated the Holidays with Brazilian samba and more! Here is a musical souvenir from Mr. Gutierrez. Enjoy! Click here for link to video: Into the Brazilian Amazon performed by music students from the High School

Libertango By Evergreen HS Orchestra

Please enjoy a musical performance by our HS Orchestra. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a7SfqCMfn3XoecsXmMl9hPvJGbSYilsR/view

Evergreen High School Student Performs in Germany!

"This was an amazing experience for me. I want to thank my parents and everyone who donated to help me get there and everyone who supported me along the way. A special thank you to Ms. Gracia Guzman who really inspired me to take advantage of the opportunity. If you...

Welcome to the High School (Grades 9-12)

Beyond academic excellence, faculty and staff are dedicated to embodying a “college-going culture” where every child has access to higher education and is equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to achieve their hopes and dreams for the future.

The High School program is dedicated to cultivating young global citizens of the world, lifelong learners who are prepared to tackle the challenges of tomorrow with confidence, creativity, and perseverance.

Extracurricular Clubs

Afterschool Academy

The After School Academy’s focus will be to prepare all students from all grade levels to engage with Regents content and participate in simulated Regent’s Types of Assessments. Students will be supplemented with Regents curriculum that facilitates their understanding and mastery of the Regents content and concepts. 

University Clubs

University Clubs is a program that aims educating students about college and university life. The culminating activity will be a trip to a university or college, and all higher education application materials completed for college.

Newspaper Club

Print journalism encompasses all print (such as a newspaper). Students will produce writing, become editors, and reporters. They will be required to write the copy, edit the copy, and discover the facts by investigation, interviews, or research.

Students involved in print journalism can utilize a newspaper to gain real-world experience. They will write publications about school events or even local events. They can conduct interviews with teachers, administrators, and fellow students (as well as people in the community). They can learn how to do proper research and convert them into facts, verifying facts, and looking for resolutions to contradictory facts.

Step Team

Stepping is a form of percussive dancing. The team through dance moves, produce complex rhythms and sounds through a mixture of footsteps, spoken words and hand claps.

The purpose of the Evergreen Step Team is to create an ambience of unity and diversification through stepping and group creativity. The group’s primary goal will be to entertain, give back through community service projects, fundraise and develop a sense of pride, gain leadership skills, and develop a fellowship between their teammates. Students will participate in competitions with other high schools.


The STEAM career club will give students opportunities to engage with peers with the same interest and allow them to gain exposure to stimulating activities, learn new content and skills, and find out what they are passionate about in the disciplines within Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. The STEAM club will be a precursor to establishing a career path at the University level. It will allow students to participate in career exploration.

Spanish Theater

The Spanish Club will be facilitated by a teacher and ran by students. The club will engage in many exciting activities to promote the Spanish language and its culture. The club will hold weekly events and will translate the newspaper “Bear Hand Print”  articles/poems/ stories to Spanish.

Dual Enrollment

The HS is pleased to offer a dual enrollment program. The program will partner with Adelphi and other participating colleges and universities. The instructors will be our teachers on campus during the 9th and 10th period. Approved courses will be taught on school premises. Students’ tuition fee will be $390.00 per class rather than $3000. Annually students will receive a $1000.00 scholarship with Adelph for participating in the program. The program is a dual enrollment program named “College Advantage Program.” Students can be sponsored or money can be fundraised for the $390.00 tuition raised for underprivileged students. Teachers at Evergreen participating in program will be considered Adjunct Instructors for Adelphi and will be eligible for tuition vouchers up to 6 credits. Fundraisers will be held to sponsor students who are underprivileged financially.

Sports Academy

Students will be able to play different sports activities indoors and outdoors such as soccer, softball, flag football, volleyball, badminton, track. The goal is for students to partake in physical activity to increase agility, physical strength and health. Additionally, students will be able to produce endorphins needed to decrease susceptibility to depression.

Athletic Teams

Boys Varsity Soccer
Boys Junior Varsity Soccer
Boys Varsity Basketball
Boys Junior Varsity Basketball
Girls Varsity Volleyball
Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball
Co-Ed Varsity Bowling
Co-Ed Junior Varsity Bowling
Boys Varsity Wrestling
Boys Junior Varsity Wrestling


94 Fulton Avenue
Hempstead, NY 11550

Mon – Fri: 7:30am – 3:45pm

School Administrator

Karen Leeper

Frances Echevarria
High School Principal

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
― M. Gandhi


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