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Uniform Policy

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Google Classroom

At Evergreen Charter School, Google Classroom is the main platform used for students (Grades 3-9) to manage all their digital classes and assignments. Combined with the features of students’ school created Gmail accounts, students have access to their classes, assignments, and instructional resources from anywhere that has an internet connection. Google Classroom is an easy and convenient tool for students, parents, and teachers to efficiently manage student progress and provide feedback and communication.

Extra Help

In an effort to provide additional support in the areas of Math and Science the school will be offering extra help/homework help through Zoom beginning the week of March 1, 2021

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High School Music Class Performs “Mission Impossible”

Yesterday morning, on May 25th, 2022, ninth and tenth graders from Evergreen Charter School delighted students and staff with an exciting musical performance. Check out the video to watch ninth and tenth grade students from Mr. Gutierrez' class perform "Mission...

All Participating Evergreen Students Win Spanish Writing Contest

We are so happy to announce that ALL students that took part in the LILT (Long Island Language Teachers association) contest have classified in 1st or 2nd place in the writing categories!    These students worked independently to either write an original poem or essay...

Evergreen Girls Graduate from FCA’s Girls Empowerment & Leadership Summit

Evergreen is please to share an article from that highlights the High Schoolers for being part of the GEL Summit program which is a leadership program for the girls in the community.  A sincere THANK YOU to Ms. Maria Perez, our School Social Worker for...

Sienna Students Danced The Night Away at the Spring Dance

We are happy to announce that ECS had its first school dance of the year! Our Student Council had been hard at work planning this amazing event for our 7th-10th grade students. The dance took place on Friday, May 13, 2022 from 6pm-9pm (7th & 8th grade 6pm-7:15pm ;...

Sienna Celebrates Career Day!

Members of the ECS College and Career Committee were excited to offer the following program to students and staff on Friday, March 18th, for Career Awareness Day 2022. A special thank you to Mr. Gehrig, Mrs. King, and Ms. Mendez for leveraging their networks and...

Extracurricular Clubs


 The Evergreen Debate Club’s aim is to empower students with the skills of expressing their beliefs clearly and concisely, public speaking and effective communication in a formal setting, and staying aware of current events in the world in a fun, safe club environment. 


This co-curricular club will provide interested students with exposure to conversational French with a focus on building students’ background in vocabulary. Students will also be introduced to elements of French culture. 


Students will learn the practice of game theory by playing checkers, backgammon, and chess where they must sacrifice pieces to gain an advantage.  Game theory is a framework for understanding choice in situations among competing players.  The practical application of these games can be a valuable tool to aid in the analysis of industries, sectors, markets, and any strategic interaction between two or more actors. 


A student-led club that unites LGBTQ+ and their youth allies to foster a sense of community in their schools around important school-wide and community issues. GSA students are committed to social change related to gender, racial, and educational equity.  


The club provides an opportunity for students to participate in altruistic activities that cultivate a sense of empathy, inclusion, and peer lead support to the student body. Participants undergo Social Emotional Learning (SEL)  training and work together to create innovative ways to create awareness and provide support to their peers.  In addition, students will participate in school-based community service activities that aim to improve their school environment.  

Community service club offers opportunities for students to volunteer in a variety ways to offer support and assistance to members of the community and in the school. They also support Social-emotional Learning (SEL)  activities and lessons to their peers in the 5th grade classrooms. 


Students in this club will be encouraged to seek assistance from their faculty advisor or peers in this designated time during the school day to complete homework or to review material in the core content areas. 


This club is about finding fun in problem solving. Students will apply logical thinking in various contexts.  Riddles, escape rooms, puzzles, arguments, games and more await in a club where thinking through problems is the key to success! 


This after-school club will provide interested students with exposure to conversational Mandarin with a focus on building students’ background in vocabulary. Students will also be introduced to elements of Chinese culture. 


It is such a delight when wordsmiths unite to zealously compose several drafts in pursuit of perfecting their crafts! Alliteration and rhyme, cadence and time, meter and stanza: it’s a verbal extravaganza!  


Students have access to self-paced online and print materials to become familiarized with the format and the content of the PSAT. Emphasis will be placed on successful test-taking strategies in mathematics and evidence-based reading. Vocabulary-building exercises will also be a focus of this club. 


Students select texts to read independently or with classmates as part of student-directed book clubs. 


The art of “stepping,” is a dance form that combines elements of military drills with contemporary jazz and hip-hop moves. In stepping, the body takes the place of the drum: this consists of stomping the feet, clapping and slapping the hands against the heels, chest, thighs and other various parts of the body. This produces the complex rhythmic foundation for the dance step. In addition to this array of bodily percussion, stepping also features complex synchronized body movements, along with singing, chanting, and verbal play.  


The Tech Club allows students to explore the new trends involving computers and digital technology. Students will follow a quarter-long project with their fellow club members to create a unique and collaborative digital creation. Projects may include game and website design or applications such as “The Stock Market Game.”  

Athletic Teams

Cheerleading Club
Purpose: To learn cheering and dancing


  • Involves a sport that has organized cheering and dancing
  • Involves a focus on different areas such as physical strength, endurance, and coordination, as well as building confidence and becoming a reliable team player

Time: Tuesday 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Virtual: No


St. Catherine of Sienna RC Church
990 Holzheimer St.
Franklin Square, NY 11010

Mon – Fri: 7:30am – 3:45pm

School Administrator

Karen Leeper

Dr. Lara Gonzalez
High School Director

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Extra Help

5:00pm – 5:30pm: Science with Mr. Holt
5:30pm – 6:00pm: Science with Mr. Holt
5:30pm – 6:00pm: Math with Mr. Gehrig
5:00pm – 5:30pm: Math with Mr. Holt
5:30pm – 6:00pm: Math with Mr. Gehrig



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