Environmental Education

Environmental Education CURRICULUM

Our school is participating in a variety environmental projects across all grade levels throughout the school year.

Groceries Project: Earth Day Groceries Project is a cost-free environmental awareness project in which our students decorate paper grocery bags with environmental messages for Earth Day. Thanks to Hempstead Stop and Shop for partnering with us. The bags can be found at the check out counter. Pick up one on your next shopping trip!

Environmental Challenge: Students are being challenged to create a project reusing plastic water bottles. The projects are being presented by the engineers during morning assemblies. Pictures coming soon!

Environmental Themed Morning Assembly: School staff members will put on a performance for students highlighting the important of being eco-friendly.

Learning Opportunities

Students engage in the ongoing school-wide in project-based-learning opportunities. These projects are a vehicle for integrated learning and can be designed to include all four core curriculum areas (English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Socials Studies) as well as other curriculum areas.

Educating for Sustainability: At ECS, students explore how we depend on the local environment and what necessities it provides. Through inquiry, they will discover where the food they eat comes from and what impacts human land use has on the environment.

Making Connections: Composting is just one example of how the school garden project will help students experience and understand connections, connections which also apply to the community.

At Evergreen Charter School:

  • Students learn through real-world problem-solving
  • Students study the world’s weather: “Teachable” Moment
  • Students disperse to their individual or group-or team-based activities.
  • The flexible scheduling allows students to pursue activities as the project, and not the clock, dictates. Assessment includes evaluation rubrics, long-term portfolios, evaluative journals, and normal standardized tests.
  • The curriculum’s focuses on site-based, real-world projects making learning relevant and accessible to all students, whether they are academically gifted or academically challenged.


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