Data Privacy and Security

Data Privacy and Security

ECS Bill of Rights

New York State Education Law Section 2-d requires that all school districts introduce an inventory of programs used in the school environment on their websites and make such a document publicly available. Schools must also provide a clear description of the various data elements collected by the programs and applications including student, teacher and administrator Personally Identifiable Information (PII). To that end, we are pleased to introduce just such an inventory which is listed below. In addition to the required information, more resources such as legal or regulatory documentation may be added to this public resource further outlining the reasons particular data elements are collected as well as the intended uses. At the bottom of this page, you will find the inventory and a description of the programs currently in use in our schools with links to each company’s privacy policies. This public portal will be continuously updated as new security information is received or as new technological applications are integrated into the school environment.

Parents Bill of Rights

After reviewing this new resource, if you have any questions, please feel free to email DataPrivacy@Ecsli.org




List of Approved Software
Privacy Resources

Privacy Resources listed here.

Parent & Student Rights

Parent Bill of Rights
Report an Unauthorized Disclosure
Federal Laws that Protect Student Data
Annual Notification of FERPA & Directory Information

ECS Data Privacy Policy

ECS Data Privacy Policy
Data Protection Officer

DPO Contact Information
Samuel Laloi
IT Coordinator and Data Privacy Officer
Office Phone: (516) 226 – 8680 Ext:269
Evergreen Charter School
28 Richardson Pl.
Hempstead, NY, 11550

District Approved Software List