Attendance and Verification of Enrollment

Evergreen Charter School believes that academic achievement and good attendance go hand in hand. When your child is absent, arrives late or leaves school early, not only do they miss important instruction, but it disrupts the learning process of others as well. Parents/Guardians have a responsibility to make sure that their children arrive at school on time, they are well-rested, and ready to learn.  

Parents/Guardians should notify the Attendance Office by telephone/e-mail in advance, or if an emergency arises, on the morning of the student’s absence by 8:00 a.m. at the latest. You can contact the attendance office at 516-226-8680 Ext. 265 or by email attendance@ecsli.org


The morning is an important time for students to prepare mentally for the day, greet friends and teachers, and have their materials ready. We request your cooperation in getting your child to school on time. It is expected that students learn the importance of regular school attendance, as this will support their success in school and in life.


Evergreen Charter School students are signed out and dismissed at the end of the school day. Staff members are allowed to dismiss children only when they are in the company of their Parents/Guardians or individuals whose names are listed on the student’s Emergency Information Card. The Emergency Information Card must be submitted to the school at the beginning of each school year. Parents/ Guardians may include as many names as they wish on the Emergency Information Card and are required to update the school periodically with any new contact information.


To request verification letters please refer to the link below that will guide you to complete an online form with the information that will be shown on the letter.

Please allow a week after your request for your letter to be completed.

Click here to view the form.