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Administration, Faculty & Staff


Our Administration, Faculty, and Staff work hard to provide a rich learning experience for all of our students.

Karen Leeper

Karen Leeper

ECS Acting Principal

Middle School Director

Ms. Karen Leeper has been in education for over 10 years, as both a teacher and administrator. She has extensive administrative experience, and for the past seven years at Evergreen Charter School she was a teacher, the Assistant Principal, and now she is the Principal.

Ms. Leeper holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences from University of Buffalo, with a concentration in Early Childhood. She also holds a graduate degree in Childhood Education, and completed a post-master’s Certificate in Advanced Study in Educational Leadership and Administration at College of Saint Rose.

Christine Weigand

Christine Weigand

School Director

Ms. Weigand has been in education for almost 32 years. She has served as an Elementary School Teacher, Dual Language Teacher, Special Education Teacher, Academic Intervention Teacher, Director of Curriculum/ Instruction and School Director.

Ms. Weigand holds several degrees including a Master’s Degree in Education with a Specialization in Early Childhood. Ms. Weigand brings passion and dedication to ensure that all children receive an excellent education aligned to state standards. She works with all staff providing to students a learning experience in a safe, positive, and academically rich environment.

Elena Litescu

Elena Litescu

School Director

Ms. Elena Litescu has been in education for more than 17 years, with more than nine years of experience as an Administrator.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, with a dual major in Physics and Chemistry. In 2002, she decided to go back to school, and completed a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Human Resources. Ms. Litescu continued her educational journey, and this Spring she was conferred a Doctoral Degree in Education. She is passionate about helping students reach their full potential.

Lisett M. Knox

Lisett M. Knox

Director of Finance and Operations

Public Records Officer

Lisett M. Knox holds the position of Director of Finance and Operations at Evergreen Charter School. Ms. Knox has over 14 years of experience working in educational settings and over 7 years of experience in the banking industry. She holds a degree in Business Administration and holds a certification in Family Development completed at Cornell University. Ms. Knox also has over 3 years of experience overseeing the operations of all the school’s facilities. Ms. Knox has been directly involved in the planning, project management, and vendor relations as they relate to the preparation of the school’s buildings and grounds to support the school’s expansion.

Faculty and Staff

Christian Aguilar

Spanish Teacher

Jose Aliaga

Chef Assistant

Maria Amaya

Chef Assistant

Dana Andrews

Permanent Substitute Teacher - Grades 6 - 9

Jennifer Bayer


Alex Benabides

Social Studies, Grades 7 - 9

Christa Buccola

Special Education, Grades 6 - 9

Gabriella Burgos

Grade 1

Ilsi Burgos

Social Worker, Grades 3-5

Taylor Caggiano

Grade 3

Lisa Camilli

Special Education Teacher

Devan Casey

Grade 2

Elena Chwat

Grades 2

Cristel Collado

Principal's Administrative Assistant

Emily Davies


Victoria DeGennaro

Business Office Assistant

Alexander Eichhorn

Technology Specialist

Despoina Englezou


Michael Faulter

Physical Education/Health, Grades 6 - 9

Sabrina Fredrico

ENL Teacher, Grades K-2

Nuria Figuera

Spanish Grades K - 2

Taylor Foerster

Art, Grades 6 - 9

Jessica Francavilla

Grade 4

Alexandra Frank

Grade 3

Jorge A. Garavito

Facilities Supervisor, Grades 3-5

Christopher Gehrig

Math Teacher

Wyn Gomez

Principal's Administrative Assistant

Blanca L. Gonzalez

Lunch Aide Coordinator

Hina Gul

ENL Teacher

Harold Gutierrez

Music, Grades 3 - 9

Carla Hemingway-King

Math Coordinator

Heather Hirsch

Math Teacher, Grades 7-8

John Holt

Math/Science Teacher, Grade 9

Brittany Kosta

Grade 1

Laura A. Laine


Samuel Laloi

Technology Specialist

Mary K. LaSpisa

Reading, Grades 3-5

Jaclyn Lee

Grade 1

Wendy Lemus

Assistant Chef

Daniel I. Levitan

Physical Education Grades K - 2

Jillian Logan

ENL Teacher, Grades K-2

Francesca Lombardo

Special Education, Grade 3-5

Shanice Manning

Permanent Substitute Teacher, Grades K-2

Patricia Markey

Grade 5

Angelica Martinez


Rita Matarese

Special Education Grades K - 2

Yvette Medrano

Receptionist - Grades 6 - 9

Andrew Mege

Physical Education Teacher, Grades K-2

Danica Mendez

Math/Science, Grade 6

Sandra Mesonero Marquez

Spanish Teacher, Grades 6-9

Moriah Morales Lopez

Receptionist, Grades 3-5

Kathleen Mulvaney

Grade 4

Luis Navarro

Facilities Manager, Grades 6-9

Joan Nidzyn-Soares


Devan Orlowski


Veronica Ortiz

Guidance Counselor, Grades 6-9

Manuel Paredes


Joseph Pena

School Psychologist

Paola Perez

Spanish Teacher, Grades K-2

Maria Perez-Llona

Social Worker - Grades 6 - 9

Joshua Poveda


Daniel Quintanilla


Cristina Ras

Teacher Assistant, Grades K-2

Kristy Restivo

English, Grades 7, 8

Pedro Rincon

Music Grades 3 - 9

Maximiliano Rosales


Mary Beth Roth


Christina Russo

Grade 1

Yasmin Santana


Alexandra Schropfer

ENL Teacher, Grades 6-9

Lizmary Shah

Special Education, Grades K-2

Christina Shortell


Shaun Skariah

Special Education Coordinator

Michelle Smith

Math, Grades 3 - 5

Dillian Soto


Kristin Spagnuolo

Grade 4

Jenifer Steckler

ENL Teacher, Grades 3-5

Virginia Sullivan

Science - Grades 7 - 9

Cabrina Tasevoli

Grade 1

Vanessa Taveras

Grade 1

Gina Tornabe

ELA/SS, Grade 6

Karla Vasquez

Grade 3

Daniel Villar

Spanish Teacher

Bridget Venegas


Chemene Webber

ENL Teacher, Grades K-2

Luis Zamora

Music Teacher, Grades K-2