Middle School

Providing Education with Life Experiences

At the ECS middle school, students work in small groups, perform different learning tasks, and prepare for the 21st Century using G Suite for Education.

What is G-Suite?
G-Suite is a safe online collaborative learning environment. It is tightly integrated with our school network and Internet filters that was developed and designed for educational purposes only. The only users on GAFE are ECS students and educational staff only.

During school hours, G Suite is used in a variety of ways, including learning Internet safety and digital citizenship, extending classroom discussions, collaborating on projects, creation, and completion of assignments and feedback from teachers and students.

Students’ G suite usage includes:

  • Easy access to good educational resources including, but not limited to, Google Classroom, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and other Google Apps.
  • Collaborative learning through groups
  • Could-based file storage for anywhere access to works in progress- no need for flash drives.

1:1 Chromebook Initiative 

The ECS 1:1 Chromebook program is designed to cultivate and support learning that reflects contemporary exchanges and interactions. The use of Chromebooks supports flexible instruction and learning in and beyond the classroom. In addition, students collaborate and problem-solve.

Enhanced Filtering & Visibility

Securly provides ECS teacher with the eyes and the ears they need to maintain safety at all times, across different devices.

GoGuardian Teacher creates a secure Digital Learning Environment that protects and guides.

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