Evergreen Charter School offers two different Spanish Language Programs taught by native Spanish speakers from Spain. The programs emphasize the development of language skills (especially speaking and listening). The students are encouraged to speak freely; vocabulary is introduced in each grade that builds on what the children already know. 

Spanish Basic Language Program:  

This program introduces students to the language and seeks to build students oral and basic writing competencies. Our students get an exposure to the language both in the classroom and through computer instruction and the  initial learning activities are structured around simple and face-to-face conversation.

Spanish for Native Speakers Program:

This program is designed to enhance children’s literacy skills and oral fluency in Spanish and build pride in their heritage language and culture. The program’s mission is to teach native Spanish speaking students to read and write in their native language, as well as other basic skills, so that they can achieve functional literacy as bilingual learners.

 Spanish Awards Ceremony



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