Evergreen Charter School opens its registration for the upcoming school year every January.  Applications for new students are accepted up until April 1st, 5 pm.

If there are more applications than spaces available, a lottery will be held.  Evergreen Charter School has held a lottery nearly every year since its inception. 

The lottery takes place in April. 

Applicants will be notified by mail if they have be given a space.  Applicants will need to complete the required registration paperwork and submit this to the school to complete their registration and be considered for the upcoming school year.

Returning students are asked to complete a re-registration form every year to indicate their intent to return to the school.  These forms are distributed to families in January.

A student can apply to any grade from K-8th grade.


New students may complete an application to Evergreen and submit this from January to April 1.  Applications must be received by 5 pm on April 1 to be considered for the upcoming school year.  A student may apply to any grade.

Parents are encouraged to complete an application form for each eligible child.


Returning students must re-register every year to indicate their intention to return to Evergreen Charter School.  Returning students are given re-registration forms in January.  Parents need to complete this form and submit it to the school.  Parents can indicate on this form if a sibling is eligible to attend Evergreen.


See the links below for registration forms

Lottery Admission 2020-2021 ENGLISH

Lottery Admission 2020-2021 SPANISH


Evergreen Charter School is committed to lifelong learning in a caring environment

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