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Cinco De Mayo at Evergreen!

Cinco de Mayo commemorates the 1862 Battle of Puebla, in which a few thousand ill-equipped Mexican citizens defeated a much larger army of highly trained French soldiers. Although the victory did not result in the immediate end of French occupation, many historians believe it indirectly affected the outcome of the American Civil War and led to Mexico’s eventual independence. Today, people in both the United States and Mexico celebrate Cinco de Mayo — the Fifth of May — as a day of freedom and goodwill. Retrieved from Education World.com


Evergreen Charter school embraces and exposures our students to other cultures to bring personal meaning. We strongly believe that actual experiences have the most profound influence on what children think and believe. Therefore, we celebrated Cinco De Mayo where a Native Mexican-American student presented a multimedia presentation about her country. Teachers and students danced the popular Mexican Hat Dance.

Evergreen also believes that we must take a proactive approach to acknowledging  diversity. We try to create a positive environment where teachers and students are respectful of different backgrounds. We also highlight diversity throughout cultural activities all year long.

Upcoming Events 

NYS Math State Test

May 2-4, 2017

NYSESLAT Listening, Reading, Writing

May 8-12, 2017

Purple Awards Ceremony

May 12, 2017

School Board Meeting

May 24 at 7:45 pm.

Grade 4 Science Performance Test

May 24-26, 2017

May 30-31, 2017

No School/Memorial Day

May 29, 2017


Grades 3-6 NYS Math State Test May 2-4, 2017

Our Mission

Evergreen Charter School takes a whole-child approach to elementary education. Teachers, administrators, counselors, and dedicated support staff work together to meet the intellectual, social, behavioral, and emotional needs of each and every child we serve.

Our Promise

I promise to respect myself, respect others and respect our Earth’s resources.

Our Pledge

I pledge to protect the Earth, respect the web of life upon it, and to honor the dignity of every member of our global family. One planet, one people, one world, in harmony, with peace, freedom and justice for all.