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Trick Your Kids Into Reading All Summer Long!

How to Get Teens to Tune Out of Social Media

and Tune into Summer

Explore the Options: With any child, and most especially with teens, it is never a good idea to be too forceful. Negotiating, compromising, talking calmly, and offering choices are all excellent ways to agree on something that works for both parent and teen.

Set Some Rules: While it’s important to give teens some freedom of choice, they still need a set of guidelines and a few rules. Limit the amount of time on television and computer, plus the amount of data allowed on their cell phones.

Get Your Teen Involved in Real Life: There is never a shortage of work to be done around the home for pay, job opportunities, internships, or even volunteer work in the community. Encourage your teen to start their own volunteer project over the summer to add to their college resume.

Encourage Reading: No matter how old your child is, he or she is never too old to make reading a habit. Suggest that your teen go to the library and seek out just one book to read over the summer, maybe while lying on the beach or for the quiet days when no one is around. This activity encourages them to tune out social media business and tune in to reading.

(Retrieved, July 2018)




 Here are some ways to keep your child motivated all summer long:

  • Keep lists of books that they’ve read during the summer. Display the lists on the kitchen bulletin board and offer incentives  to encourage kids to keep reading.
  • Encourage your older kids to organize a neighborhood reading swap. Set a date for the swap, establish a drop-off date and place for folks to drop off reading material, and then advertise throughout the neighborhood. As books and magazines come in, organize them by theme and age. On the day of the swap, display the books on tables in the yard, set a swap policy for attendees, and have fun. Not only is a reading swap a great way to save money, it’s also an environmentally friendly activity.
  • Visit your local library and enroll your kids in the summer reading program. All summer long, the happy sound of the wheel spinning in the library means kids are reading…and reading…and reading!
  • Urge your kids to break out of their reading comfort zone during the summer, and seek new and different authors and topics. Do your kids like nature? Encourage them to find a nature themed magazine to read. Into sports? Choose a biography of a famous player, or the person who founded their favorite game.
  • And last but not least, be a good example and do some summer reading yourself. Remember, your kids are watching you – if you’re an avid reader, chances are your children will become enthusiastic readers, too. (Retrieved, July 2018)
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